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1. Evaluate Your Space and Determine Where You Can Setup or Allow Clients to Use a Computer.

  • Waiting areas such as the dryer and welcoming areas are ideal places to utilize laptop computers.
  • Desktop computers can be utilized in areas where there is table space



2. Obtain a Laptop(s) and/or Desktop(s).

  • Looks are everything in the beauty care business, right?  Well, if you really want to "WOW" a client into utilizing your computer internet station, start with the computer. Over the last few years computer companies have begun to make "consumer" computers…(get this)… that make The User look good.  They are breaking the mold of what's a "normal looking" computer, by making colorful and designer computers that are much more fun and appealing to the eyes.  So, if you decide to get colored/designer computers, clients may be attracted to log on based on their favorite color or the color shirt, dress or shoes that they may be wearing!
  • Nevertheless, the choice of computer(s) is yours. Whether a traditional-looking, "consumer", new or recycled computer, obtain one that has standard features, an anti-virus security program, a viewable, colorful screen (at least 15 inch diagonal) and quality sounds.



3. Obtain a Wireless Internet Service Provider.

  • Obtain a fast broadband wireless connection to the internet. These connections are provided via digital cable, digital subscriber line (DSL), or digital satellite technology. Which options you have available to you depend on the services offered in your specific location.
  • Decide on a secure or public wireless network for your establishment. A secure network will only allow access to the internet for those computers connected to the network. With a public network, anyone within Wi-Fi range can access your wireless signal and connect to the internet.
  • There are social, technical and business aspects to share (public) or not to share (secure) a wireless network.
    •   The social aspect is that the internet should be accessible to as many people as possible
            •    The technical aspect concerns security issues of an unsecured network in which others may tap into your network and conduct "unsavory"/unethical activity for which you can be held liable
            •    The business aspect concerns the increased patron flow that may come from establishing a public Wi-Fi hot spot/network in your shop… just like the ones at coffeehouse cafés.
  • The choice to make your network public or secure is up to you.  You can begin with a secured setup and then change to a public setup and see how it affects business.  The setup can be easily changed by enabling or disabling the wireless security network settings on the computer.



4. Showcase the website as the Computer Home Page.

  • Once internet service is provided on computers, go onto the internet and click the Tools menu dropdown bar at the top of the page. Click Internet Options. In the Address box under the Home page area type:  Click OK to establish as your computer(s)' home page.
  •  was designed by black women for black women and has the goal to Develop Individual Values, Attitudes and Skills (D.I.V.A.S) so that black women can enjoy the very best of health and relationships.
  • Clients will review  to learn about relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, see videos and participate in a community survey.
  • And VOILA! Your beauty shop will be a convenient community resource that helps to improve the (sexual) health of black women!



5. Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!

Have a digital scroll in the window or hanging from your business sign.  It can read, "The Beauty of Wireless Internet Access for DIVAhealth".   Advertising your advocacy efforts on behalf of the health status of women will help attract clients and give them the idea that your salon is taking the beauty care business to new heights in an age where most businesses have a technology-driven culture.