community capacity building exercises

Introduction to Capacity Building Exercises:
Training to Become a Community Resource as an HIV/AIDS Peer Educator

The purpose of the section is to offer exercises that will build local and global capacity for HIV/AIDS prevention. By doing the exercises in this capacity building section, you and those who do these exercises with you will be built into a valuable community resource. As a result of doing these exercises, and taking the time to practice and memorize the information we offer, you will achieve the capacity to be an HIV/AIDS Peer Educator. Because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, we desperately need everyone to be a peer properly educated and trained so "each one can teach one" how to be safe from HIV transmission.

For now, we are investigating people's experiences of doing these exercises, ideally with a buddy, or a group. After we get feedback on this new web-based tool, we will move to the next stage of also offering a test; anyone who passes the test will be given certification as an HIV/AIDS peer educator.

When you complete this exercise, whether today, or after 4 weeks or longer of working again and again with this tool, we welcome your feedback. You can click the link at the end of the exercise and go to an evaluation section where you can give us feedback. In a few months, when we create a link to the certification test, you can return and seek certification as an HIV/AIDS peer educator.

Thank you for your interest in and committment to being able to prevent HIV transmission among your peers, family members, and community.

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